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National Acquisition Center (CCST)

Item Details: V797D-40250, United Drug Supply, Inc.

Contract Point of Contact:
Name: Samantha Godfrey
Phone: 888-996-7943 200
Corporate Address:
Address: 3000 Bear Cat Wa, Suite 114
City: Morrisville
State: NC
Zipcode: 27560
Country: United States of America
Socioeconomic Information: (If all fields below are blank then size is other than small)
Small: X
SDB: _
Veteran Owned: _
Woman Owned: X
Disabled Veteran: _
Hub Zone: _
8(a): _
Contract Dates:
Awarded: 9/3/2014
Effective: 9/15/2014
Expiration: 9/14/2024
NAC Contracting Officer (CO):
Name: Heath Krida
Phone: (708)786-4969
Ordering Contact:
Address: 3000 Bear Cat Way, Suite 114
City: Morrisville
State: NC
Zipcode: 27560
Phone: 888-996-7943 300
Emergency Contact:
Payment/Delivery Information:
Credit Card Accepted: Yes
Credit Card Discount: None
Minimum Order: None
Delivery Terms: 5 Days ARO for products under SIN A-2B manufactured by HR Pharmaceuticals. 10 days ARO for all other products. FOB Destination to 50 U.S. States and FOB Point of Exportation to Puerto Rico
Expedited Delivery: 48 hours ARO if in stock.
Discount Information:
Prompt Payment: Net 30 days
Quantity Discount: None
Warranty Information:
Details: See Summary of Award
Contracted SIN's and Descriptions
SIN Description
A-1 Adhesive Tapes and Adhesive Bandages
A-10 Cannulas, Airways, Tubes and Accessories - All styles, types and sizes, except those relating to blood transfusion and IV apparatus
A-12 Colostomy/Ostomy Products
A-13A Sterile Latex Gloves
A-13C Non-Sterile Latex Gloves
A-13D Non-Sterile Vinyl Gloves
A-13E Other Gloves
A-14C Stethoscopes
A-15B Syringes
A-15C Syringe and Needle Combination
A-15D Syringe and Needle Combination (Antistick)
A-16 Stockings (Anti-embolism/compression only)
A-17 Sutures, Suture Needles, Staples and Extractors (all types and sizes)
A-18A Procedural/Instrument Sets, Kits and Trays, Disposable
A-21B Biohazard Bags
A-21D Other Disposable Contamination Containers
A-22C Urinary Catheters
A-23C Chemical Bags
A-25G Other Orthopedic/Surgical Supports
A-26A Pads, Bed Linen, Protective
A-26B Diapers
A-2A Plain Applicators/Swabs/Wipes/Pads
A-2B Treated Applicators/Swabs/Wipes/Pads
A-31 Drapes, Surgical - Aseptic, surgery application only
A-32 Hospitalware, Plastic/Stainless - Medical use only, such as bedpans, urinals, sponge bowls and water
A-33A Disposable Hospital Clothing
A-33C Impervious Disposables
A-3A Plain Bandages/Gauzes
A-3B Treated Bandages/Gauzes
A-41 Electrosurgical Apparatus
A-45 Suction/Aspiration Equipment
A-47 Oxygen Concentrators
A-4A Adherent Dressings - Impregnated or non-impregnated
A-4B Non-Adherent Dressings - Impregnated or non-impregnated
A-50H Other Physiological Monitors
A-64 IV Pumps
A-70 Physiotherapy Apparatus
A-72 Stimulators, Muscle, Nerve and Pain Control
A-77 Transportation Units (Stretchers) - Patient, medical only
A-79 Tables, Patient Examination, Treatment and Operating
A-81 Chairs and Stools, Patient Examining
A-83 Carts, Medical Supplies, Patient Application
A-84 Cabinets, Medical and Surgical
A-87 Instruments Stands/Tables (Surgical)
A-8B Reusable Surgical Hand Instruments - Includes instrument accessories
A-9 Scopes, Medical - With accessories and replacement parts. Includes but is not limited to duodenoscopes, endoscopes and surgical microscopes. Excludes laboratory microscopes.
A-90C Wrappers and Bags
A-91 Radioactive Medical Waste Systems
A-92 Medication and Supply Packaging and Dispensing Equipment