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National Acquisition Center (CCST)

Item Details: V797D-50342, SJ Medsav Solutions LLC, dba Medsav Solutions

Contract Point of Contact:
Name: Scot Finn
Phone: (800) 261-5810
Fax: (800) 209-5810
Corporate Address:
Address: 31 Pleasant Street, Suite 1
City: Malden
State: MA
Zipcode: 02148
DUNS: 968278924
Socioeconomic Information: (If all fields below are blank then size is other than small)
Small: X
Veteran Owned: X
Woman Owned: _
Disabled Veteran: X
Hub Zone: X
8(a): _
Contract Dates:
Awarded: 2/25/2015
Effective: 3/1/2015
Expiration: 2/28/2020
NAC Contracting Officer (CO):
Name: Christopher Stansbury
Phone: (708)786-4922
Ordering Contact:
Address: 31 Pleasant Street, Suite 1
City: Malden
State: MA
Zipcode: 02148
Phone: 800) 261-5810
Fax: (800) 209-5810
Emergency Contact:
Name: Scot Finn
Phone: (800) 261-5810
Payment/Delivery Information:
Credit Card Accepted: Yes
Credit Card Discount: None
Minimum Order: $100.00
Delivery Terms: 30 Days (ARO)
Expedited Delivery: Overnight or 2-day delivery. Government is responsible for paying the difference between normal and expedited shipping charges.
Discount Information:
Prompt Payment: 2% 20 NET 30; credit card excluded
Quantity Discount: CERTOL Products only: Single orders $1200 -$4999 addl 1.4%-8.5%; $5000+ addl 3.8%-22.6%. (see pricelist)
Warranty Information:
Details: Various
Contracted SIN's and Descriptions
SIN Description
A-1 Adhesive Tapes and Adhesive Bandages
A-14B Otoscopes
A-14E Hand-Held Dopplers and Pulse-Oximeters
A-14G Other Medical Diagnostic Instruments
A-15A Needles, Hypodermic
A-15C Syringe and Needle Combination
A-15D Syringe and Needle Combination (Antistick)
A-17 Sutures, Suture Needles, Staples and Extractors (all types and sizes)
A-21B Biohazard Bags
A-23A Hot Water Bags
A-2A Plain Applicators/Swabs/Wipes/Pads
A-31 Drapes, Surgical - Aseptic, surgery application only
A-33A Disposable Hospital Clothing
A-3A Plain Bandages/Gauzes
A-40 Cryosurgical Apparatus
A-41 Electrosurgical Apparatus
A-4A Adherent Dressings - Impregnated or non-impregnated
A-50A Vital Signs Monitors
A-55 Electrodes, Universal, Leadwires and Cables
A-56 Stress Test Monitors
A-59 Defibrillators
A-70 Physiotherapy Apparatus
A-72 Stimulators, Muscle, Nerve and Pain Control
A-79 Tables, Patient Examination, Treatment and Operating
A-7A Blades
A-7B Handles
A-7C Blade/Handle Combination
A-8A Disposable Surgical Hand Instruments - Includes instrument accessories
A-8B Reusable Surgical Hand Instruments - Includes instrument accessories
A-9 Scopes, Medical - With accessories and replacement parts. Includes but is not limited to duodenoscopes, endoscopes and surgical microscopes. Excludes laboratory microscopes.
A-90A Sterilization Control Indicators/Aids
A-90B Tapes
A-90C Wrappers and Bags