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National Acquisition Center (CCST)

Welcome to the National Acquisition Center (NAC) Contract Catalog Search Tool (CCST)

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What is the CCST?

The CCST (updated daily) is the most comprehensive online listing of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) NAC’s active nation-wide healthcare-related contract vehicles, open to VA and other Government agencies. The CCST contains over 1,600 active contract vehicles and over 1 million catalog line items pertaining to VA’s Federal Supply Schedule contracts and national standardization contract vehicles including contracts, Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) and Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs). Get quick access to the National Acquisition Center, including the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Service and National Contract Service (NCS) and the programs they offer such as MedSurg Catalog and Pharmaceutical Catalog products and services.

Why use the CCST?

MedSurg and Pharmaceutical Catalogs

The CCST allows users to browse everything currently awarded and available under NAC contract vehicles. The CCST includes contract information, pricing, ordering information, and socioeconomic status. This information can be used for identifying what is under contract, performing market research, comparing prices, and for retrieving ordering information.

Search criteria includes, but is not limited to, item description, contractor’s name, contract number, contract program type, and Special Item Number (SIN) category. Once you bring up an item, select the product number to see detailed contract and vendor information including pricing, contract number, contractor’s contact information, ordering information, payment and delivery information, guarantee or warranty information, vendor’s web address, and NAC contracting officer point-of-contact.

Socioeconomic Status

The CCST also allows you to search by small business or socioeconomic status. This option enables users to narrow their search by socioeconomic status and can help facilitate achievement of socioeconomic goals for our Federal customers. Users can search by all small businesses, or narrow their search to a specific socioeconomic status, including:

Search options include SIN, socioeconomic status, and item description. Please note results will aggregate across programs/contract types.

Who should use the CCST?

VA Customers

The CCST helps VA facilities and customers locate contract sources including mandatory contract information. VA facilities are directed by the Department to follow the Priorities of Use of Government Supply Sources when choosing a contract vehicle.

Certain mandatory national contracts, BPAs and BOAs have a higher priority for use than a VA FSS or other type of contract. The CCST also identifies if a contractor participates under VA’s Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor (PPV) or Med/Surg Prime Vendor (MSPV) programs. VA FSS contracts under FSC 621 or GSA FSS are non-mandatory and VA facilities shall follow VA acquisition regulations, policies and directives when selecting a contract vehicle.

VA ordering activities seeking to issue a task order against a contract under the 621 I Professional & Allied Health Care Services Schedule program must obtain all appropriate background clearances in compliance with the requirements of VA Directive 0710, Personnel Security and Suitability Program. Information regarding standard background investigations is available in the contractor’s award documentation and approved FSS price lists.

Other Government Agencies/Activities and other Entities Approved by Congress

Other Government agencies/activities and other entities approved by Congress have access to VA’s FSS contracts. Access to other NAC contract vehicles is limited. To see if your facility is eligible to use other NAC contract vehicles, please contact the National Contract Service program managers. When using VA’s contract vehicles, other customers are reminded they must abide by the contract terms and conditions.

All Federal agencies can use GSA’s eBuy tool or the GSA Reverse Auction tool to compete the requirements among all or select categories of FSS contractors.

Contractors/Potential Suppliers/the Public

CCST information is viewable and can be downloaded by all. Any interested party can access the CCST to acquire contract information which is releasable to the public. Contractors can also use the CCST to conduct market research in anticipation of preparing a proposal.

Acquisition Opportunities

You can also find VA Schedule contract information on GSA eLibrary, and can purchase Schedule products directly from GSA Advantage. Search GSA eBuy, or the VA’s Forecast of Contracting Opportunities for solicitation opportunities. For specific information about prosthetic/orthotic items, batteries, and national healthcare service contracts, visit the NAC’s Denver Logistics Center.


For Technical assistance, please contact the VA Acquisition Systems Help Desk at or Phone 1-877-634-3739. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday 7:00AM-7:00PM EST (excluding holidays).

For questions and information regarding VA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) Contracts, please contact the appropriate VA FSS Help Desk.

For questions and information regarding National Contract Services (NCS), please contact the appropriate division for High-Tech Medical Equipment (HTME) Contracts, HTME Ordering, Pharmaceutical Division, Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor, and Subsistence Prime Vendor.

For questions and information regarding Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor-Next Generation (MSPV-NG), please choose a SAC Point of Contact or the appropriate MSPV Prime Vendor.

The information contained here is for reference purposes only. In the event of any pricing discrepancies, please refer to the contractor's authorized price list or contact the contracting officer identified for that contract.