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National Acquisition Center (CCST)

Item Details: 36F79718D0334, Dentsply North America LLC

Contract Point of Contact:
Name: Stacey Small
Phone: 717-849-7720
Fax: 717-849-7721
Corporate Address:
Address: 221 W. Phildelphia Street, Suite 60 W.
City: York
State: PA
Zipcode: 17401
Country: United States of America
Socioeconomic Information: (If all fields below are blank then size is other than small)
Small: _
SDB: _
Veteran Owned: _
Woman Owned: _
Disabled Veteran: _
Hub Zone: _
8(a): _
Contract Dates:
Awarded: 1/9/2018
Effective: 1/15/2018
Expiration: 8/14/2024
NAC Contracting Officer (CO):
Name: Donna Mattini
Phone: (708) 240-3617
Ordering Contact:
Address: P.O. Box 2558
City: York
State: PA
Zipcode: 174052558
Phone: 717-849-7720
Fax: 800-278-4344
Emergency Contact:
Name: Stacey Small
Phone: 717-849-7720
Payment/Delivery Information:
Credit Card Accepted: Yes
Credit Card Discount: None
Minimum Order: 1 unit
Delivery Terms: 10 days ARO
Expedited Delivery: 2 days ARO by 3 pm EST with Government paying the difference between standard and expedited delivery time. As for National Disaster, DENTSPLY North America will waive additional shipping charges.
Discount Information:
Prompt Payment: Net 30
Quantity Discount: None
Warranty Information:
Details: 1 year
Contracted SIN's and Descriptions
SIN Description
C-10 Sterilizers, Dental
C-100 Repair of Electric or Air Driven Reusable Oral or Surgical Dental Hand Held Instruments & Accessories
C-12 Cavity Preparation Materials
C-13 Cements
C-14 Provisional Crowns, Bands, Crown Forms & Related Items
C-15 Denture Liners & Repair Materials
C-16A Filling Materials, All Types -Amalgam
C-16B Filling Materials, All Types -Composite
C-17 Impression Materials
C-18 Trays for Impression Materials
C-2 Amalgamators & Accessories
C-20A Preventive & Prophy Materials - Accessories
C-21 Articulators
C-23 Furnaces & Accessories
C-25 Denture Base Materials
C-26A Crown & Bridge - Porcelain
C-26B Crown & Bridge - Resin
C-27 Denture Teeth
C-27A Denture Teeth -Plastic
C-28C Dental Implants - Prosthetic Components
C-32A Hand Pieces, Dental & Accessories - Air Driven, Electric- Disposable
C-32B Hand Pieces, Dental & Accessories - Air Driven, Electric - Reusable
C-33B Angles & Other Handpieces, Handpiece Fittings - Reusable
C-33C Angles & Other Handpieces, Handpiece Fittings - Burs, Carbide
C-33D Angles & Other Handpieces, Handpiece Fittings - Burs, Diamond
C-34C Endodontic Instruments & Supplies - Related Items
C-35 Orthodontic Supplies & Related Items
C-36 Cutting Grinding & Polishing Instruments & Supplies - Abrasives/Polishers (Disks, Points, Stones, Strips & Wheels)
C-37A DentalRadiographic Equipment - Conventional
C-37B DentalRadiographic Equipment - Digital
C-38A Dental X-Ray - Materials & Accessories
C-39 Stools - Dentist, Assistant, Hygienist
C-40 Dental Patient Chairs & Examining
C-41 Cabinets, Dental
C-6 Light, Curing Units
C-6A Light, Curing Units - Halogen
C-7 Prophylaxis Units & Accessories
C-9 Handpiece Light Unit
C-INP Introduction of New Products (INP)