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National Acquisition Center (CCST)

Item Details: V797D-70100, iSmile Dental Products

Contract Point of Contact:
Name: Bryan Shields
Phone: 916-928-0359
Corporate Address:
Address: 4201 Sierra Point Drive
Address: Suite 102
City: Sacramento
State: CA
Zipcode: 95834
Country: United States of America
Socioeconomic Information: (If all fields below are blank then size is other than small)
Small: X
SDB: _
Veteran Owned: _
Woman Owned: _
Disabled Veteran: _
Hub Zone: _
8(a): _
Contract Dates:
Awarded: 3/3/2017
Effective: 3/15/2017
Expiration: 3/14/2027
NAC Contracting Officer (CO):
Name: Ursula Douglas
Phone: (708)786-4873
Ordering Contact:
Emergency Contact:
Payment/Delivery Information:
Credit Card Accepted: Yes
Credit Card Discount: none
Minimum Order: $100
Delivery Terms: 10 days ARO
Expedited Delivery: 3 day expedited delivery schedule, with the Government paying the difference above the normal delivery charges, including shipping. The vendor will be required to annotate on its pricelist or by separate attachments those items that
Discount Information:
Prompt Payment: Net 30
Quantity Discount: none
Warranty Information:
Details: Government
Contracted SIN's and Descriptions
SIN Description
C-1 Air Compressors & Dryers
C-10 Sterilizers, Dental
C-12 Cavity Preparation Materials
C-13 Cements
C-16B Filling Materials, All Types -Composite
C-17 Impression Materials
C-18 Trays for Impression Materials
C-19 Pins, Post, Drillls & Drivers
C-20A Preventive & Prophy Materials - Accessories
C-26A Crown & Bridge - Porcelain
C-29A Hand Instruments, Dental - Oral Surgical - Disposable
C-3 Dental Delivery System
C-30A Hand Instruments, Dental - General Dental - Disposable
C-30B Hand Instruments, Dental - General Dental - Reusable
C-32B Hand Pieces, Dental & Accessories - Air Driven, Electric - Reusable
C-33A Angles & Other Handpieces, Handpiece Fittings - Disposable
C-33C Angles & Other Handpieces, Handpiece Fittings - Burs, Carbide
C-33D Angles & Other Handpieces, Handpiece Fittings - Burs, Diamond
C-34A Endodontic Instruments & Supplies - Broaches, Reamers, Files
C-34C Endodontic Instruments & Supplies - Related Items
C-36 Cutting Grinding & Polishing Instruments & Supplies - Abrasives/Polishers (Disks, Points, Stones, Strips & Wheels)
C-38A Dental X-Ray - Materials & Accessories
C-38B Dental X-Ray - Film
C-7 Prophylaxis Units & Accessories
C-8 Dental Vacuum Equipment & Accessories