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National Acquisition Center (CCST)

Socioeconomic Status, SIN, SIN Description Search

Socioeconomic Status, SIN, Description Search

A-4B Non-Adherent Dressings - Impregnated or non-impregnated

Contractor Name Contract Number Small Veteran Owned Disabled Veteran SDB 8(a) Woman Owned Hub Zone
Affirmative Solutions, LLC 36F79722D0022 X X X
Amerx Health Care Corp. 36F79722D0152 X
Argentum Medical, LLC 36F79724D0062
Aroa Biosurgery Incorporated 36F79720D0032 X
AvMEDICAL, LLC 36F79718D0350 X X X
Bayside Medical Supply Company, Inc. V797D-50499 X X X X
Bihani Corporation DBA American Medicals 36F79718D0315 X X
BSN Medical, Inc. 36F79719D0152
Cardinal Health 200, LLC V797D-60688
Carencease Healthcare, LLC., DBA Catalina Healthcare 36F79719D0185 X
Coloplast Corp. 36F79720D0037
Concordance Healthcare Solutions, LLC 36F79720D0145
ConvaTec Inc 36F79720D0063
Disabled Veterans Hawaii, LLC 36F79723D0087 X X X
Encompass Group, L.L.C. 36F79720D0001 X
Enterprise Technology Solutions, Inc. 36F79721D0195 X X
Essential Procurement Services LLC 36F79719D0260 X
Ferris Mfg. Corp. 36F79719D0189 X
First Nation Group, LLC dba Jordan Reses Supply Company 36F79719D0027 X X X X
Geo-Med, LLC 36F79723D0026 X X X
Gladden & Metz, Inc. 36F79720D0004 X X X X X
Hollister, Inc. 36F79722D0089
Innovative Corporate Solutions Inc. dba Clover Medical Solutions V797D-70147 X X X
Integrated MedCraft, LLC 36F79719D0213 X X
L&R USA Inc. 36F79718D0392
L1 Enterprises, Incorporated 36F79719D0097 X X X
Lovell Government Services Inc. V797D-50450 X X X
Marathon Medical Corporation 36F79718D0321 X X X
McKesson Medical-Surgical Government Solutions, LLC 36F79723D0023
Medi USA, LP 36F79723D0149 X
Medical Products Resources, Inc. V797D-50502 X
Medi-Tech International Corporation 36F79722D0130 X
Mediva Solutions, LLC 36F79722D0083 X X X
Medline Industries, LP 36F79721D0124
Melling LLC DBA Melling Medical 36F79722D0189 X X X
Monarch Labs 36F79719D0282 X X
MPM Medical, LLC 36F79721D0158 X
Next Science, LLC 36F79718D0532 X
One Direct Health Network, Inc. 36F79718D0371 X
QB Medical, Inc. 36F79718D0560 X X X
Red One Medical Devices, LLC DBA Red One Medical 36F79720D0236 X X X
Reidy Medical Supply, Inc. 36F79723D0195 X X
RGH Enterprises, LLC dba Cardinal Health At Home 36F79720D0038
Safe N' Simple LLC 36F79721D0207 X
Semler Technologies, Inc. dba Advanced Vascular Dynamics V797D-40061 X
Smith & Nephew, Inc. V797D-40205
Surgical Tools, Inc. 36F79721D0033 X
Tetra Medical Supply Corp. 36F79722D0032 X
The Maclean Group, LLC 36F79723D0201 X X X X
TrillaMed, LLC 36F79720D0041 X X X
TZ Medical, Inc. 36F79723D0080 X
United Drug Supply, Inc. V797D-40250 X X
US1 Supply LLC. 36F79720D0183 X X X X X
Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions, Inc. V797D-40049 X X X
Note: Contracts are displayed in order by size (small first), then company name
This information should only be used to identify small businesses and their associated socioeconomic status. It should not be solely relied upon for set-aside determinations as acquisition staff must also make sure the businesses satisfy the Non-Manufacturer Rule (see 13 CFR 121.406 , FAR 19.001 and the Non-manufacturer Rule Fact Sheet)

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