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National Acquisition Center (CCST)

SIN, Socioeconomic Status, Description Search

SIN, Socioeconomic Status, Description Search

A-20C Other Implants, Surgical

Contractor Name Contract Number Small Veteran Owned Disabled Veteran SDB 8(a) Woman Owned Hub Zone
Abbott Laboratories Inc., Abbott Vascular Division V797D-70239
Academy Medical, Inc. 36F79718D0372 X X X
ACell V797D-60689 X
Acera Surgical, Inc 36F79718D0525 X
Acuity Contracting Group, LLC V797D-60749 X X X
ADS, Inc. V797P-2135D X
Affirmative Solutions, LLC V797P-2045D X X X
Alcon Vision, LLC. V797P-2046D
Alliant Enterprises, LLC dba Alliant Healthcare Products V797D-50441 X X X
Allolink Medical, LLC V797D-60736 X
American Military Medical Organization 36F79718D0466 X X
Apiary Medical, Inc V797D-70259 X X X
Applied Biologics, LLC V797D-40076 X X
AvMEDICAL, LLC 36F79718D0350 X X X
Aziyo Biologics, Inc. V797D-70119 X
Bayside Medical Supply Company, Inc. V797D-50499 X X X
BZ Medical, Inc. V797D-70111 X X X
Coloplast Corp. 36F79720D0037
Covidien Sales, LLC V797P-4465B
ERA Health, LLC dba Veteran's Health V797D-40103 X X X
Fidia Pharma USA, Inc. V797P-2255D
Frontline Services Inc. 36F79720D0194 X X X
Geo-Med, LLC V797P-2264D X X X
Globus Medical, Inc. 36F79719D0136
Government Marketing and Procurement LLC 36F79719D0049 X X X
JLS Medical Products Group, LLC V797D-50494 X X
Johnson & Johnson HCS obo Ethicon US, LLC V797D-30072
Kandu Supplies and Services, LLC V797D-40160 X X X X X
KCI USA, Inc. V797D-30198
KPaul Properties, LLC, dba KPaul 36F79719D0155 X X X
LifeNet Health V797D-70122
Lima USA, Inc. 36F79719D0154
Lovell Government Services, LLC V797D-50450 X X X
Marathon Medical Corporation 36F79718D0321 X X X
Medacta USA, Inc. V797D-70056 X
Medical Products Resources, Inc. V797D-50502 X
Medline Industries, Inc. V797P-4444B
Medtronic USA, Inc. V797P-2110D
Melling LLC dba Melling Medical V797D-50471 X X X
Midwest Medical Supply V797D-30251 X
MiMedx Group, Inc. V797D-40303
Miromatrix Medical, Inc. V797D-70029 X
Oasis Medical 36F79719D0048 X
Organogenesis, Inc. V797D-30288 X
PhysioRx, LLC V797D-70176 X X
PolyNovo North America LLC 36F79719D0149 X
Reidy Medical Supply, Inc. V797D-30245 X X
Shilog, Ltd. V797D-50578 X X
Smart Surgical, Inc dba Burst Biologics V797D-50568 X X X
Stryker Corp., Stryker Instruments, a Div. of Stryker Corp. V797D-40196
Technical Communities, Inc dba TestMart 36F79720D0159 X
Terumo Medical Corporation V797P-4453B
Triad Life Sciences, Inc. 36F79719D0272 X
Trilliant Surgical, LLC V797D-50365 X
Veterans Healthcare Supply Solutions V797D-40049 X X
Vilex in Tennessee, Inc. V797D-40293 X X
Note: Contracts are displayed in order by size (small first), then company name
This information should only be used to identify small businesses and their associated socioeconomic status. It should not be solely relied upon for set-aside determinations as acquisition staff must also make sure the businesses satisfy the Non-Manufacturer Rule (see 13 CFR 121.406 , FAR 19.001 and the Non-manufacturer Rule Fact Sheet)

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