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National Acquisition Center (CCST)

Socioeconomic Status, SIN, SIN Description Search

Socioeconomic Status, SIN, Description Search

42-2B Generic & multiple source pharmaceuticals & drugs, human blood products, & over-the-counter drugs

Contractor Name Contract Number Small Veteran Owned Disabled Veteran SDB 8(a) Woman Owned Hub Zone
A2A Alliance Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79722D0086 X X X
Abbvie US LLC 36F79718D0528
Akorn, Inc. 36F79720D0129
Alcon Vision, LLC 36F79720D0234
Allergan USA, Inc. 36F79718D0588
Alliance Labs, LLC 36F79718D0459 X X
Alvogen Inc V797D-70134
American Regent, Inc. V797D-70256
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0021
Amring Pharmaceuticals, Inc. V797D-70143
ANIP Acquisition Company, d/b/a ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0123 X
Apnar Pharma, LP 36F79721D0186 X X
Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79718D0553 X
Areva Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79721D0112 X X
Athenex Pharmaceutical Division, LLC 36F79719D0273 X
Aurobindo Pharma USA Inc. 36F79720D0105
AvKare, LLC 36F79718D0328
B. Braun Medical 36F79718D0417
Bausch Health US, LLC V797D-70216
Baxter Healthcare Corporation 36F79721D0094
Beutlich Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79721D0128 X X
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 36F79718D0405
Bryant Ranch PrePack DBA Bryant Ranch PrePack 36F79719D0139 X
Calmoseptine, Inc. 36F79721D0024 X
Chartwell RX LLC 36F79720D0198 X
CMP Pharma 36F79720D0172 X X
Cosette Pharmaceutical, Inc. 36F79720D0191 X X
Currax Pharmaceuticals LLC 36F79718D0413 X
Custopharm dba Leucadia Pharmaceuticals 36F79719D0150 X
Dr. Reddys Laboratories 36F79720D0232
Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79721D0145
Exela Pharma Sciences, LLC V797D-70190 X X
Exelan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79720D0227
Fera Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79721D0142 X
Ferndale Laboratories, Inc. 36F79722D0078 X
Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79720D0136
Focus Health Group, Inc. 36F79718D0406 X
Fresenius Kabi, LLC V797D-70253
GE Healthcare Inc. V797D-50507
Genentech USA V797D-60724
Genericus, Inc. 36F79718D0542 X
Genzyme Corporation dba Genzyme Therapeutics Division 36F79719D0153
Geri-Care Pharmaceutical Corp 36F79721D0188 X
GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare 36F79718D0477
Glenmark Pharmaceutical 36F79723D0012
Gold Coast Medical Supply, LP 36F79721D0193 X
Golden State Medical Supply, Inc. 36F79718D0318 X
Greenstone, LLC V797D-50559
Hikma Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. 36F79721D0213
Hospira Worldwide, LLC V797D-40070
Humco Holding Group Inc. DBA Humco 36F79720D0066 X
Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. 36F79723D0030
Jubilant Cadista Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0012
Konsyl Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0157 X
Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79718D0359 X
Llorens Pharmaceuticals 36F79720D0034 X
Long Grove Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79723D0096 X
Lovell Government Services, LLC 36F79721D0198 X X X
MainPointe Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79721D0111 X
Marlex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0161 X
Mayne Pharma Commercial LLC V797D-50564 X
McKesson Corporation dba SKY Packaging 36F79722D0114
Medline Industries, LP 36F79721D0101
Melling LLC 36F79718D0378 X X X
Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC 36F79718D0509
Mission Pharmacal Company V797D-70178 X
Mylan Institutional LLC V797D-30273
Mylan Institutional, Inc. V797D-70231
Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79723D0025
Mylan Specialty L.P. 36F79722D0063
National Vitamin Company 36F79720D0211 X X
Nexus Pharmaceuticals Inc. 36F79720D0175 X
Nnodum Pharmaceuticals Corporation V797D-70150 X X X
Novo Nordisk Inc. 36F79719D0181
Padagis Sourcing Solutions LLC 36F79718D0562
Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. dba Par Pharmaceutical 36F79720D0245
PD-Rx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79720D0139 X
Pfizer, Inc. DBA Pfizer V797D-40269
Pharmacy Buying Association, Inc. dba PBA Health 36F79720D0087 X
Piramal Critical Care, Inc. 36F79722D0158
Prasco, LLC 36F79721D0185 X
Precision Dose, Inc. V797D-70069 X X
Puracap Laboratories, LLC, dba Blu Pharmaceuticals 36F79719D0119 X
Purdue Pharma L.P. 36F79722D0117
Q BIOMED INC. 36F79721D0104 X
RB Health (US) LLC 36F79722D0144
Reliable1 Laboratories LLC 36F79719D0195 X
Rhodes Pharmaceuticals L.P. 36F79721D0088
Richmond Pharmaceuticals Inc. V797D-70168 X
Rising Pharma Holding, Inc 36F79721D0172 X
Sagent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. V797D-40094 X
Sandoz, Inc. V797D-30226
Sebela Pharmaceuticals V797D-50459 X
SpecGx LLC 36F79722D0205
Sterisyn Inc. 36F79719D0104 X
Stratus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79718D0451 X X
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc. 36F79721D0187
Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. 36F79718D0547
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. V797D-70217
The Harvard Drug Group L.L.C. dba Major Pharmaceuticals and Rugby Labs 36F79719D0033
The Podiatree Company 36F79721D0029 X
TrillaMed, LLC 36F79722D0121 X X X X
TruPharma, LLC 36F79718D0364 X
UCB, Inc. 36F79719D0247
Ulai Health LLC 36F79721D0180 X X X
United Drug Supply, Inc. V797D-70173 X X
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC 36F79719D0203
USWM, LLC 36F79721D0083 X
VistaPharm, Inc V797D-50438 X
Vyera Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79722D0229 X
WG Critical Care, LLC V797D-40203 X
Wilshire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79720D0043 X
Wockhardt USA, LLC 36F79718D0564
Woodward Pharma Services LLC 36F79719D0254 X
X-Gen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0156 X X
XLCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79721D0091 X X X
Zimmer US, Inc. V797D-40102
Zydus Pharmaceuticals (USA) Inc. 36F79721D0223
Zyla Life Sciences US, Inc. 36F79718D0556 X
Note: Contracts are displayed in order by size (small first), then company name
This information should only be used to identify small businesses and their associated socioeconomic status. It should not be solely relied upon for set-aside determinations as acquisition staff must also make sure the businesses satisfy the Non-Manufacturer Rule (see 13 CFR 121.406 , FAR 19.001 and the Non-manufacturer Rule Fact Sheet)

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