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National Acquisition Center (CCST)

Socioeconomic Status, SIN, SIN Description Search

Socioeconomic Status, SIN, Description Search

42-2A Single source innovator, multiple source innovator, biological & insulin pharmaceutical products

Contractor Name Contract Number Small Veteran Owned Disabled Veteran SDB 8(a) Woman Owned Hub Zone
60 Degrees Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79720D0085 X
Aadi Bioscience, Inc. 36F79722D0188 X
Abbvie US LLC 36F79718D0528
Acacia Pharma, Inc. 36F79721D0182 X
Acadia Pharmaceuticals 36F79723D0237 X
Accord BioPharma, Inc. 36F79723D0039
Accord Healthcare Inc. V797D-70137
Acer Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79724D0038 X
Acertis Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79723D0216 X
Acerus Pharmaeutical Corporation 36F79721D0176 X
Acorda Therapeutics 36F79723D0194 X
Acrotech Biopharma LLC 36F79720D0081 X
Actelion Pharmaceuticals, U.S. Inc. 36F79719D0142
ADC Therapeutics America, Inc. 36F79721D0272 X X
ADMA Biologics, Inc. 36F79724D017E
Advanced Accelerator Applications USA, Inc. 36F79719D0169
Agepha Pharma USA, LLC 36F79724D004E
Agile Therapeutics, Inc. dba Agile Therapeutics 36F79721D0105 X
Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0064 X
Aimmune Therapeutics 36F79721D0150 X
Akebia Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79721D0183 X
Albireo Pharma, Inc. 36F79722D0094 X
Alcon Vision, LLC 36F79720D0234
Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc. 36F79718D0355
Alexza Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0174 X
Alimera Sciences, Inc. 36F79721D0242 X
Alk-Abello, Inc. dba ALK Abello Inc 36F79724D0108
Alkermes, Inc. 36F79718D0514
Allegis Holdings, LLC 36F79723D0193 X
Allergan USA, Inc. 36F79718D0588
Almatica LLC. V797D-60657 X
Almirall, LLC 36F79719D0199
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0074 X
AltaThera Pharmaceuticals 36F79722D0201 X
Alvogen Inc V797D-70134 X
AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0245 X
Amarin Pharma, Inc. 36F79724D023E X
Amdipharm Limited 36F79721D0257
American Regent, Inc. 36F79723D0211
Amerisource Health Services LLC dba American Health Packaging 36F79723D0225
Amgen USA, Inc. 36F79721D0086
Amicus Therapeutics US, LLC 36F79719D0108 X
Amivas, LLC 36F79721D0227 X
Amneal Pharmaceuticals of New York, LLC 36F79722D0161
Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0021
Amylyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79723D0136 X
Analog Pharma, Inc. 36F79720D0103 X
ANIP Acquisition Company, d/b/a ANI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0123 X
Antares Pharma, Inc. 36F79719D0259 X
APL Sales I LLC 36F79722D0039 X
Apotex Corporation V797D-40157
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Company V797D-70098 X
Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79718D0553 X
Arcutis Biotherapeutics, Inc. 36F79723D0047 X
Ardelyx, Inc. 36F79722D0165 X
Argenx US, Inc. 36F79722D0164 X
Array BioPharma Inc. 36F79719D0145 X X
Ascend Laboratories, LLC 36F79723D0070 X
Ascend Therapeutics US LLC 36F79723D0218 X
Ascendis Pharma, Inc. 36F79722D0166 X
Asegua Therapeutics LLC 36F79720D0073
Assertio Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79720D0150 X
Astellas Pharma U.S., Inc. 36F79721D0260
Athena Bioscience, LLC 36F79724D030E X
Aurinia Pharma 36F79721D0217 X
Avadel CNS Pharmaceutical. LLC 36F79724D011E
Avedro, Inc. 36F79723D0126 X
Aveo Pharmaceuticals Inc.; DBA AVEO Oncology 36F79721D0261 X
Averitas Pharma Inc. 36F79719D0131
Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79721D0065 X
AvKare, LLC 36F79723D0144
Axsome Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79723D0059 X
Azurity Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79718D0434 X
B. Braun Medical 36F79718D0417
Banner Life Sciences LLC 36F79721D0126 X
Bausch & Lomb Americas Inc. 36F79722D0218
Bausch Health US, LLC V797D-70216
Bavarian Nordic, Inc. 36F79721D0027 X
Baxter Healthcare Corporation 36F79721D0094
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79720D0237
BeiGene USA, Inc. 36F79720D0177
Bio Products Laboratory Limited 36F79722D0099 X
Biocodex, Inc. 36F79720D0119
Biocon Biologics, Inc. 36F79724D0075
BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79721D0166 X
BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. 36F79721D0218 X
Biofrontera Inc. 36F79718D0544 X
Biogen U.S. Corporation 36F79718D0566
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. 36F79721D0170 X
BioXcel Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79723D0071 X
Blue Earth Diagnostics Inc 36F79724D016E X
Bluebird Bio, Inc. 36F79724D0015 X
Blueprint Medicines, Corporation 36F79720D0179 X
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0191
Boston Scientific Corporation DBA Boston Scientific 36F79722D0198
Bracco Diagnostics, Inc. 36F79718D0501
Braeburn, Inc. 36F79724D0089 X
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company 36F79724D0101
BTG International, Inc. 36F79719D0110 X
Calliditas Therapeutics US Inc. 36F79722D0153 X
Cameron Pharmaceuticals LLC 36F79719D0043 X
Carwin Pharmaceuticals Associates, LLC 36F79724D022E X
Casper Pharma LLC 36F79722D0091 X
Catalyst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0160 X
Celltrion USA, Inc. 36F79720D0095
Chiesi USA, Inc. 36F79720D0214 X
Cipla USA, Inc. 36F79721D0092
CLINUVEL, INC. 36F79723D0154 X
CMP Pharma 36F79720D0172 X X
Coherus BioSciences, Inc. 36F79719D0216 X
Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc. V797D-70076 X
Cooper Surgical, Inc. 36F79719D0032
Corcept Therapeutics Incorporated 36F79718D0460 X
Corium, Inc. 36F79722D0036 X
CorMedix, Inc. 36F79724D025E X
Cosette Pharmaceutical, Inc. 36F79720D0191 X X
Covis Pharm S.a.r.l., Bertrange, Zug Branch V797D-70182 X
CSL Behring LLC 36F79721D0249
CTI Biopharma Corp. 36F79722D0202 X
Cumberland Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79723D0068 X
Curium US LLC 36F79718D0549
Cycle Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. 36F79721D0253 X
Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. 36F79718D0403
Dash Pharmaceuticals LLC 36F79722D0064 X
Deciphera Pharmaceuticals LLC 36F79721D0048 X
Dendreon Pharmaceuticals LLC 36F79720D0144 X X
Dermavant Sciences, Inc. 36F79723D0050 X
Digestive Care, Inc. 36F79722D0051 X
Dompe U.S. Inc. 36F79720D0017 X
Dr. Reddys Laboratories 36F79720D0232
Duchesnay USA, Inc. 36F79722D0162 X
Dynavax Technologies Corporation 36F79723D0240 X
Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79724D0064 X
Edenbridge Pharmaceuticals, LLC V797D-60745 X
Eiger Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0048 X
Eisai, Inc. V797D-70251
Eli Lilly & Company 36F79718D0503
EMD Serono Inc. 36F79718D0386
Emergent Devices, Inc. 36F79723D0188
Emmaus Medical, Inc. 36F79720D0125 X
Endo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79721D0145
Epizyme, Inc. 36F79721D0162 X
Esperion Therapeutics 36F79720D0243 X
Eton Pharmaceuticals, Inc 36F79720D0192 X
EUSA Pharma (US) LLC 36F79722D0226 X
Evofem Biosciences, Inc. 36F79721D0059 X
Exela Pharma Sciences, LLC V797D-70190 X X
Exelan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79720D0227
Exelixis, Inc. 36F79722D0147 X
EyePoint Pharmaceuticals US, Inc. 36F79720D0072 X
Eyevance Pharmaceuticals LLC 36F79720D0029 X
Fennec Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79723D0079 X
Fera Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79721D0142 X
Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79720D0136
Focus Health Group, Inc. 36F79718D0406 X
Fresenius Kabi, LLC V797D-70253
Fresenius USA, Inc. 36F79723D0152
G1 Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79721D0205 X
Galderma Laboratories LP V797D-70255
Gamida Cell, Inc. 36F79723D0223 X
GE Healthcare Inc. V797D-50507
Genentech USA, Inc. 36F79723D0219
Genmab US Inc. 36F79724D0019
Genus Life Sciences 36F79718D0580 X
Genzyme Corporation dba Genzyme Therapeutics Division 36F79719D0153
Gilead Sciences, Inc. V797D-70252
GlaxoSmithKline 36F79722D0178
Greenstone, LLC V797D-50559
Greer Laboratories, Inc. V797D-50589 X
Grifols USA, LLC 36F79722D0090
Guerbet L.L.C. 36F79720D0246
H2-Pharma, LLC 36F79718D0592 X
Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79719D0067 X
Harmony Biosciences, LLC 36F79720D0148 X
Harrow Eye, LLC 36F79724D0076 X
Helsinn Therapeutics, (U.S.), Inc. V797D-70240 X
Hema Biologics, LLC 36F79721D0244 X
Heritage Pharmaceuticals Inc. d/b/a Avet Pharmaceuticals Inc. 36F79723D0104 X
Heron Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79718D0285 X
Heyltex Corporation V797D-70258 X
Hikma Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. 36F79721D0213
Hikma Specialty USA Inc. 36F79722D0116
HLS Therapeutics (USA), Inc. 36F79722D0169 X
Hospira Worldwide, LLC V797D-40070
HRA Pharma America, Inc. 36F79719D0127 X
IBSA Pharma Inc. 36F79719D0159 X
Idorsia Pharmaceuticals US, Inc. 36F79722D0224 X
Immunocore Commercial LLC 36F79724D0026 X
ImmunoGen, Inc. 36F79723D0147 X
Impel NeuroPharma, Inc. 36F79722D0182 X
Incyte Corporation 36F79720D0189
Indivior Inc. 36F79720D0156 X
Ingenus Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79721D0035 X
INO Therapeutics, LLC V797D-60737
Insmed Incorporated 36F79719D0163 X
Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. V797D-70027 X X
Intersect ENT, Inc. DBA Intersect 36F79723D0214
Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc. 36F79720D0229 X
Invivyd, Inc. 36F79724D036E X
Iovance Biotherapeutics Manufacturing LLC 36F79724D009E X
Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79718D0422
Ironshore Pharmaceuticals Inc. 36F79720D0121 X
ITF Pharma 36F79719D0241 X
J & J Health Care Systems on behalf of Janssen Biotech Inc. 36F79719D0217
Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0228
Janssen Products, LP 36F79720D0151
Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0205 X
Johnson & Johnson HCS obo Ethicon US LLC 36F79723D0233
Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems, Inc. obo Patriot Pharm 36F79723D0037
Journey Medical Corporation 36F79722D0190 X
Kaleo, Inc. 36F79723D0121 X
Kamada Inc 36F79724D007E
Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. 36F79720D0089 X X
Kedrion BioPharma, Inc. 36F79719D0242
Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals (UK), Ltd. 36F79722D0002 X
Kowa Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. 36F79723D0095
Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79718D0359 X
Krystal Biotech, Inc. 36F79724D0028 X
KVK-Tech, Inc. 36F79720D0102 X
Kyowa Kirin, Inc. 36F79722D0215
La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company 36F79719D0030 X
Lantheus Medical Imaging 36F79718D0402 X
Leadiant Biosciences, Inc. 36F79721D0236 X
Leading Pharma, LLC V797D-70131 X
Legacy Pharma USA, Inc. 36F79723D0229 X
LEO Pharma, Inc. 36F79723D0110
Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79724D0041 X
Long Grove Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79723D0096 X
Lundbeck LLC 36F79719D0283
Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0092
Macrogenics, Inc. 36F79721D0254 X
Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79724D012E X
Mallinckrodt ARD LLC 36F79720D0078
Mallinckrodt Hospital Products, Inc. 36F79720D0165
Mannkind Corporation 36F79723D0055 X
Marinus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79724D0030 X
Marius Pharmaceuticals LLC 36F79724D0059 X X
Mayne Pharma Commercial LLC V797D-50564 X
McGuff Company, Inc. 36F79719D0200 X
Medexus Pharma, Inc. 36F79720D0230 X
Medicure Pharma Inc. 36F79723D0236 X
Medi-Physics, Inc. dba GE Healthcare 36F79720D0182
Medunik USA, Inc. 36F79719D0143 X
Melinta Therapeutics, LLC 36F79718D0456 X
Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC 36F79718D0509
Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79719D0246
Methapharm, Inc. 36F79722D0079 X
Metuchen Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79720D0074 X
Millicent U.S., Inc. 36F79719D0167 X
Mirati Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79723D0178 X
Mirum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. d/b/a Mirum 36F79722D0112 X
Mission Pharmacal Company 36F79723D0228 X
Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma America, Inc. 36F79724D0039
Moderna US, Inc. 36F79724D0048
MorphoSys US, Inc. 36F79721D0113 X
Mycovia Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79723D0072 X
Mylan Institutional LLC 36F79723D0238
Mylan Institutional, Inc. V797D-70231
Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79723D0025
Mylan Specialty L.P. 36F79722D0063
Napo Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79723D0158 X
Neos Therapeutics Brands V797D-70080 X
Nestle HealthCare Nutrition, Inc. 36F79722D0031
Neurelis, Inc. 36F79721D0215 X
Neurocrine Biosciences, Inc. 36F79718D0414 X
Nexus Pharmaceuticals Inc. 36F79720D0175 X
Nielsen BioSciences, Inc. V797D-60730 X
Nobelpharma America, LLC 36F79723D0130 X
Noden Pharma USA, Inc. V797D-70194 X
Nordic Pharma Inc. V797D-70143
Novartis Gene Therapies, Inc. 36F79720D0225
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation 36F79720D0180
Novavax, Inc. 36F79723D0161
Noven Therapeutics, LLC 36F79721D0013
Novo Nordisk Inc. 36F79719D0181
Novo Nordisk Pharma, Inc. 36F79721D0044
NS Pharma, Inc. 36F79721D0131
Octapharma USA, LLC 36F79720D0185 X
Ocular Therapeutix, Inc. 36F79720D0065 X
ONY Biotech Inc. V797D-70114 X X
OPKO Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79723D0232
Optinose US, Inc. 36F79723D0137 X
Orexo US, Inc. V797D-60656 X
Organon LLC 36F79722D0065
Orphalan Limited 36F79724D006E X
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc. 36F79720D0099
Oyster Point Pharma, Inc. 36F79722D0085 X
Pacira Pharmaceuticals 36F79722D0195 X
Pacira Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79718D0465 X
Padagis Sourcing Solutions LLC 36F79718D0562
Par Pharmaceutical, Inc. dba Par Pharmaceutical 36F79720D0245
ParaPRO, LLC 36F79718D0461 X
Paratek Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0194 X
PARI Respiratory Equipment, Inc. 36F79721D0210 X
Partner Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79723D0171 X
Pfizer, Inc. V797D-40269
Pharmacosmos Therapeutics Inc. 36F79721D0269 X
Pharmacyclics, LLC 36F79718D0275
PharmaEssentia USA Corporation 36F79722D0127 X
Pharming Healthcare, Inc. 36F79718D0396 X
Phathom Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79724D001E X
Photocure, Inc. 36F79723D0196 X
Pierre Fabre Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0011
Piramal Critical Care, Inc. 36F79722D0158
Prasco, LLC 36F79721D0185 X
Precision Dose, Inc. V797D-70069 X X
Progenics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0170 X
Provention Bio, Inc. 36F79723D0160 X
Provepharm Inc. 36F79723D0088 X X
PTC Therapeutics 36F79724D0074 X
Puma Biotechnology, Inc. 36F79723D0116 X
Purdue Pharma L.P. 36F79722D0117
QOL Medical, LLC 36F79720D0226 X
Quinn Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79718D0410 X
Radius Health, Inc. 36F79718D0363 X
Rare Disease Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79718D0404 X
Rayner Surgical Inc. 36F79723D0051 X
Recordati Rare Diseases, Inc. 36F79721D0141
Redhill Biopharma 36F79720D0239 X
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79721D0169
Revance Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79724D0115 X
Rhodes Pharmaceuticals L.P. 36F79721D0088
Rhythm Pharmaceuticals, Inc. d/b/a Rhythm 36F79722D0014 X
Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79724D0007 X
Rising Pharma Holding, Inc 36F79721D0172 X
Romark Laboratories, L.C. 36F79719D0220 X
Royal Pharmaceuticals, LLC 36F79719D0276
R-Pharm US LLC V797D-60712 X
Sage Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79720D0024 X
Sagent Pharmaceuticals 36F79724D0107 X
Sandoz, Inc. 36F79723D0187
Sanofi Aventis U.S. LLC 36F79723D0129
Sanofi Pasteur 36F79722D0104
Sarepta Therapeutics Inc. V797D-70174 X
Sarfez Pharmaceuticals Inc 36F79722D0160 X
SC Pharmaceuticals Inc. 36F79724D0023 X
Scilex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0111 X
Scynexis, Inc. 36F79722D0060 X
Seagen Inc. 36F79720D0036 X
Sebela Pharmaceuticals, Inc. DBA Sebela Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79724D0078 X
Secura Bio, Inc. 36F79720D0115 X
Sentynl Therapeutics V797D-70751 X
Seqirus USA Inc. V797D-70074
Servier Pharmaceuticals LLC 36F79720D0213
Shield Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79722D0084 X
Shionogi Inc. 36F79723D0181
Shorla Oncology 36F79724D015E X
SK Life Science, Inc. 36F79721D0016
Slayback Pharma LLC 36F79723D0186 X
Smith & Nephew, Inc. 36F79723D0067
Sobi, Inc. 36F79720D0169 X
Spark Therapeutics 36F79719D0134
SpecGx LLC 36F79722D0205
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79723D0094 X
SpringWorks Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79724D0094 X
Stemline Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79719D0229 X
STI Pharma, LLC V797D-70214 X
Sumitomo Pharma America, Inc. 36F79719D0166
Summit SD, LLC 36F79723D0076 X
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries, Inc. 36F79721D0187
Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0213 X
Taiho Oncology, Inc. 36F79722D0088
Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. 36F79718D0586
Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc. V797D-50492
Taro Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc. 36F79718D0547
Tarsus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79724D0054 X
Technomed, Inc. 36F79723D0115 X
Telix Pharmaceuticals (US) Inc. 36F79722D0197 X
TerSera Therapuetics, LLC 36F79724D0081 X
Tetraphase Pharmaceuticals 36F79719D0176 X
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. V797D-70217
TG Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79723D0120 X
The Harvard Drug Group L.L.C. dba Major Pharmaceuticals and Rugby Labs 36F79719D0033
Thea Pharma, Inc. 36F79723D0057
Therakos, Inc 36F79721D0078
Theratechnologies, Inc. 36F79722D0148
Tolmar, Inc 36F79721D0246 X
Tonix Medicines, Inc. 36F79724D024E X
Travere Therapeutics, Inc. 36F79721D0239 X
Trevena, Inc. 36F79721D0151 X
Tris Pharma, Inc. 36F79723D0180 X X
TruPharma, LLC 36F79718D0364 X
TWi Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. 36F79723D0056 X
UCB, Inc. 36F79719D0247
Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79718D0555 X
United Therapeutics Corporation 36F79720D0104 X
United-Guardian, Inc. 36F79720D0174 X
Upsher-Smith Laboratories, LLC 36F79719D0203
Urogen Pharma, Inc. 36F79721D0068 X
Urovant Sciences, Inc. 36F79721D0252
USAntibiotics LLC 36F79723D0101
USWM, LLC 36F79721D0083 X
Validus Pharmaceuticals LLC 36F79723D0092 X
Valinor Pharma, LLC 36F79724D0012 X
Valneva USA, Inc. V797D-70039 X
Vanda Pharmaceuticals, Inc. V797D-70102 X
Vantive US Healthcare LLC 36F79724D018E
VBI Vaccines (Delaware) Inc. 36F79723D0022 X
Veloxis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79722D0135
Verity Pharmaceuticals Inc. 36F79722D0025 X
Verrica Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79724D0068 X
Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79724D0092
Veru Inc. 36F79723D0106 X
Vifor (International) Inc. 36F79720D0075
Vifor Pharma, Inc. 36F79723D0065
ViiV HealthCare Company 36F79721D0216
Vivus, Inc. 36F79719D0133 X
WG Critical Care, LLC V797D-40203 X
Wilshire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79720D0043 X
Wockhardt USA, LLC 36F79718D0564
Woodward Pharma Services LLC 36F79719D0254 X
Xellia Pharmaceuticals, USA, LLC 36F79719D0267
Xeris Pharmaceutical, Inc. 36F79720D0153 X
X-Gen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 36F79719D0156 X X
Yaral Pharma, Inc. 36F79723D0118 X
Y-mAbs Therapeutics Inc. DBA Y-mAbs 36F79721D0228 X
Zealand Pharma US, Inc. 36F79722D0073 X
Zydus Pharmaceuticals (USA) Inc. 36F79721D0223
Zyla Life Sciences US, Inc. 36F79718D0556 X
Note: Contracts are displayed in order by size (small first), then company name
This information should only be used to identify small businesses and their associated socioeconomic status. It should not be solely relied upon for set-aside determinations as acquisition staff must also make sure the businesses satisfy the Non-Manufacturer Rule (see 13 CFR 121.406 , FAR 19.001 and the Non-manufacturer Rule Fact Sheet)

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